Photoshop Tutorial | How to create Light Text Effect

How to create Light Text effect | Glowing Text effect | masking | Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn text effect by using clipping masks, blending modes, Gaussian blur, hue and saturation, levels, and adjustments.
Step 1: Background
Step 2: Background copy
Step 3:Hide background copy
Step 4:Select Text tool
Step 5: Type text between background
Step 6: Rasterize text
Step 7: Copy text layer
Step 8: Flip vertical text layer
Step 9: Transform
Step 10: Perspective
Step 11: Hide text layer
Step 12: Adjustment
Step 13: Hue/Saturation (-35%)
Step 14: Unhide background copy
Step 15: Exposure (-3)
Step 16: Create a clipping mask of background copy
Step 17: Text
Step 18: Blending mode
Step 19: Stroke(white, outside, normal)
Step 20: Outer glow(white, overlay)
Step 21: Inner glow(white, overlay)
Step 22: Text copy(overlay)
Step 23: Filter
Step 24: Gaussian blur(4)

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