Photoshop Tutorial – 5 Cool Text Effects for Beginners

Here are 5 easy and cool Photoshop text effects. These are great if you want Photoshop tutorial for beginners. The 5 text effects are neon, glitch, paint, gold, and typography blocks.

1. Neon. You can create glowing neon lights text effects. You can add a brick background to give it a more realistic look. You can adjust the strength and the color of the glow.

2. Glitch. This is a popular text effect which has many different style. This is one of the more simple effects which can be created in a few minutes.

3. Paint. You can use any type of water color or paint as the background. Then you can add dripping effect to really give that paint drop look.

4. Gold. This is a simple gold text effect which also adds a reflection to the bottom. You can also make it look like copper or silver by just changing the color.

5. Typography Blocks. This is a simple 3d text effect which gives the words an interesting perspective. You can angle the words in any way to make it look like it has depth.

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Fonts & Photos:
Neon, Glitch, Block



Duration: 00:18:09