Photoshop Tutorial 1: How To Create A Canvas

In part one of our Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we show you how to create a canvas.
Video transcript

First thing to do is to create a New Document.

Click ‘Create New’ and choose one of the presets from along the top, any one will do. It’s the preset details down the right hand side that matter.

That’s where you can change the unit of measurement from centimetres to pixels (because this image is to go on screen) and select your size. 1080px by 1080px works best on most social media platforms (Twitter is awkward like that, sometimes they accept square images, sometimes they prefer rectangular – in which case you’ll want to select 1200px by 627px).

Now, set the resolution to pixels per inch and select 300. That’s really a personal choice. Anything above 72 ppi is good enough for social media.

Moving on to Colour Mode, select ‘RGB’ because you always use RGB if it’s going to be displayed on a screen. Always. Always! Okay? Good.

Finally, give your project a name, then click ‘Create’ and that’s it, you’ve created a Photoshop canvas, just like a pro. Now, you’re ready to do the fun stuff!

Duration: 00:00:59