Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial How to Create Ice Cream Effect in Photoshop CS6 Part 1

Hey guys, this Photoshop tutorial will discuss about how to make ice cream out of shape and visible reality using Photoshop CS6. In this tutorial I hope you have some familiarity with using techniques such as merge layer Photoshop and create a new layer of the merge result by using the key combination ALT + CTRL + E on the keyboard. In addition I also use the pen tool to create a pattern so that the handle of the ice cream looks eperti fused. Another basic techniques that you should know is to take a picture and put it into the work area by using the key combination CTRL + A, CTRL + C and CTRL + V. For further information you can instantly see the video tutorial shaped ice cream to make writing part of this one, enjoy it …

Level : Beginner, Intermediate
Program : Photoshop CS6
Estimated Completion Time : 24 minutes

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Tutorial assets :

Ice Cream Pattern

Wooden Texture

Doughboy Font

PSD File

Duration: 00:23:37