Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial How to Create Easy and Simple Transformers Text Effect

Hey guys, you must have seen the movie transformers, a film with the theme of the robot that is friendly to humans, and in this Photoshop tutorial we will create transformers effects text like those in the movie in a way that is easy and simple, so you can immediately although it is still common practice. In this tutorial I’m using Photoshop CS6, but this tutorial you can also apply to other versions of Photoshop. To get the most I use the font SF Transrobotics, and also Stucco pattern. Meanwhile, to make the 3D effect dimension I use techniques duplicate layer and move up and to the right via the arrow keys on the keyboard. For those of you who want to download files PSD, this tutorial I have prepared via the link below, enjoy it.

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Tutorial Assets :
Stucco Pattern

SF Transrobotics font

Download PSD File here:

Duration: 00:13:39