Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial – How to Create Beautiful 3D Wood Text

Hey Guys, Photoshop text effect tutorial will discuss about how to create beautiful 3D wood text effect very elegant, so that it can be used also to make writing in other forms. I’m using Photoshop CS6 in the manufacturing process, but if you want to practice on other versions of Photoshop can also be, because all of them use the tool box which generally been available on any other version of Photoshop. To get the maximum results as in this tutorial, so I added a couple of Pattern and the font that everything can be downloaded at the link below. In addition, I provide a PSD file that you can download for free. Good work, hopefully this Photoshop tutorial can be one of your inspiration.

Tutorial Assets:
– Wood Pattern Background :
– Janda Manatee font :
– Pattern 21 by Ransie3 :
– Floral Fabric Pattern by sofi01 :
– Diagonal Noise Pattern by Christopher Burton :
– Gradient-shapes for photoshop by ilnanny :

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Duration: 00:32:55