Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial How to Create 3D Text Dark Grunge in Photoshop CS6

Hey guys, this Photoshop tutorial will discuss the effects of dark grunge 3D text using Photoshop CS6. First of all you

have to do is set up a lava rock textures and experimental grunge and typeface Franklin Gothic Heavy in which both the

texture and the font files can be downloaded via the link my blog. As for the steps to create 3D text effect grunge dark


– Create a new document with the size 1200x1200px with a resolution of 72dpi
– Create words “TYPE” using Franklin Gothic Heavy typeface and give color #CC3333, to close spaces between the letters

you can use by pressing ALT and left arrows on the keyboard.
– Duplicate the text layer by using the CTRL+J, then give a copy of the text layer color to # 990000. Press CTRL+T to

the size of the text copy layer and press ALT + drag the mouse down so that the size of the layer becomes smaller.

For the next step you can follow the video, there I already explained in detail, so you can easily follow.

Level : Beginner, Intermediate
Program : Photoshop CS6
Estimated Completion Time : 26 minutes

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Duration: 00:26:08