Photoshop Text Effect | How to create glass text effect in photoshop | By Pcsalt

This is SHIKHA, Welcome to my YouTube channel. Today I am going to show you create a Glass Text Effect in Photoshop. After watching this video, you will be able to make different types of Glass Text Effect in Photoshop.

Creating vector animation can be a very exciting project to work on. However , there are two major skillsets you need to know. How to design vector graphics and how to do animation.

This tutorial was made to familiarize anyone to using Photoshop, and start creating awesome graphic design and projects today! This video is a 5-Section tutorial that was designed to be a resource which could be used if one wishes to improve upon/learn one certain aspect covered in the basics, however if you are a complete beginner, I recommend you follow along the whole way though this tutorial, so hopefully by the end of it.

You will be alot more confident with your knowledge and ability as you continue getting more comfortable with the program!

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