Photoshop Roto Tutorial

How to set up your file and use the AnimDessin2 extension to make your roto process as fast and as easy as it can be. The following settings are also good for any general illustration work in photoshop using custom brushes:

Size: 1920x1080px

DPI: Use at least 200dpi (good for painterly types of digital illustration) or 300dpi (if you’ve got lots of lines/linework) Go: Image/Image Size… Resolution (Pixels per Inch setting.) Remember to untick “Resample” if you are changing your DPI after setting up your file, otherwise you’ll change the pixel dimensions and can potentially end up with a massive file!

Bit depth: 8 bit is fine for digital illustration. Go: Image/Mode/8-bits per channel

You can get AnimDessin here:
You can get Animator’s Toolbar 3 here:

Use the handy chapters below to skip to the bits you need:
0:00 Intro
1:12 Extensions you’ll need
2:14 Import your jpeg image sequence
3:31 Creating your video timeline
4:30 Trim your layers to one frame
5:31 Create a video group in that timeline
6:08 Footage backwards? You can fix that!
7:42 Get your roto drawing on!
10:18 Organising your layers for your backgrounds
12:16 Exporting your frames
14:13 Gratuitous Advice

Duration: 915

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