Photoshop Masterclass: 3D Using Photoshop and Dimension

Take your composites to another dimension by using 3D models and renders in Photoshop! In this Masterclass Paul Trani will show how to create, import and render 3D content using Photoshop. From there learn how to use Adobe’s dedicated 3D tool Adobe Dimension to manipulate models, materials and lights to make a stunning render that will be used in Photoshop. Also learn tips on how to match 3D objects up with 2D images.

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00:00 Start
02:01 Using 3D in Photoshop – starting images
04:25 Working with the 3D panel in Photoshop – adding sphere
07:18 Object vs. world centric navigation
10:18 Applying an earth texture to the sphere
11:57 Using an infinite light for 3D
16:20 Extruding and manipulating 3D shapes
20:25 Working in Dimension – adding spheres
23:33 Rendering a scene in Dm – adding Substance materials
25:40 Adding an earth to the Dm composition – adding textures to primitives
29:48 Rendering in Dm – setting focus point
32:47 Rendering using the render tab in Dm
33:46 Discussing resources for images and textures
39:16 Changing the lighting in Dm
41:52 Isolating objects in Ps from the Dm image
43:46 Starting a new composition – using match image in Dm
45:32 Adding splash models to the scene in Dm
49:00 Creating a rainbow swirl with liquify – adding to Dm model
51:13 Using an opacity map on the Dm model
54:45 Making ribbons for the composition – adding shape to the hair

Duration: 00:57:24