Photoshop Inspiration: Animating Distortion Filters

There are so many functions in Photoshop that go unnoticed because new users (and some seasoned ones as well) are afraid to try new things. Other times, it might not be blatantly obvious when you can use use one function, effect, or tool with another seemingly unrelated one. In this video, I am hoping to show you that there are many reasons to just go random with Photoshop. Don’t be afraid to try new things or explore a silly idea. You never know what you can do.

One idea here is the fact that the Distort Filter contains in each of its individual effects the ability to animate itself as long as the object, text, or image you’ve distorted is moved around the screen. There’s a lot of math going on behind the scenes in Photoshop and you can take advantage of it by setting up a very fluid and smooth animation effect with a couple of very simple steps. No animation experience is required.

I hope to do some upcoming, more formal tutorials on the practical side of animating your distorted filters. If you have any questions or comments about the process or there is something I can add to the tutorials, please feel free to comment below. The amount of feedback and viewer response I receive will help me to know how quickly and extensively to work on this idea.


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Duration: 00:15:05