Photoshop : How to create Video Title with simple steps

Wedding Video Title created with only Adobe Photoshop CS6

This video helps to how to create video/animation title in
Adobe Photoshop CS6 without any plugins or any other NLE softwares

*You can Learn How to Add Video file in Photoshop
*how to add Layers into Timeline
*how to add Transition Effects in Layers
*how to add Key frames for Layers in Timeline
*how to add motion effect in Layer
*how to add smart object layer in Timeline
*how to Render Video

Basic Concept for Adobe Photoshop Video Creation
1)Create New Document with Your VideoSize ex: 1920×1080 HD
2)Create New Empty Layer
3)Right Click on Layer and select “Convert to SmartObject”
4)Select WindowTimeline
5)Click on “Create Video Timeline” in TimelineWindow
4)Double Click SmartObject Layer (on layer thumbnail)
* now you can see new document opened with your video size
5)EditFill BlackColor
6)Design Your Titles with any object
7)Watch the video how to set key frames for every layer in Timeline
8)Finally FileSave and Close

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Duration: 00:25:20