Photoshop Hack: Save PNG Images with the Perfect Resolution for Any Purpose!

Photoshop Hacks: Save PNG Images with the Perfect Resolution for Any Purpose!
Learn how to specify the exact resolution you need an image to be saved at as a PNG and save it from Photoshop. By default Photoshop sets the resolution to 72ppi if you use the Save for Web feature so it makes it difficult to choose a different resolution such as 300ppi for outputting a PNG. Also Photoshop doesn’t warn you it won’t adhere to the document resolution when saving! Yikes! Worse still, using File Explorer in Windows won’t show the document resolution for PNGs making it hard to check just what resolution your file is saved at. This video explains the problem and offers a foolproof solution so you can always save your PNGs exactly as you want them to be saved and shows how to check that everything is working as expected.

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