Photoshop engraved text effect [ easy step-by-step tutorial ]

in this Photoshop video tutorial I will teach you how to create a text engraved on a metal sheet in a natural view.

Step-by-step guide for the engraved text on metal sheet effect:

1. create a new image, and use this metal sheet texture ( )
2. add the thickness effect for the metal sheet texture layer ( blending options in the video )
3. add any text you want to apply the engraved text on metal sheet effect on it.
4. design a metal frame for the metal sheet layer to add natural touch to the overall design.
5. use the metal frame on the metal sheet and apply the engraving style on it.
6. cut a metal screw from the screw image ( ) and then apply some blending options on it to seem like naturally connected on the metal sheet texture.
7. made some final touches on the engraved text on metal sheet as a metal plug ( or metal cover ) on #Photoshop in easiest way as quick as possible.

This Photoshop video tutorial is the answer for the question: How to engrave a text in a metal sheet to seem like metal plug with engraved text and signature on it?

I am really happy that I made this engraved text effect on metal tutorial 😀

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This Photoshop video tutorial showing how to carve text into metal sheet or steel sheet perfectly with accurate blending options style. It’s a chiseled carved text into a steel metal sheet in an amazing final view.

We SRCtube created and published this video tutorial for you!

Duration: 00:15:53