Photoshop Elements 2022 Review: See all the new features!
0:38 Upgrade Video
0:47 Welcome screen
1:24 Auto Creations
1:40 The programs in Adobe Elements
1:46 Organizer – Photoshop Elements Organizer comes with both editing programs
1:50 Photo Editor – Photoshop Elements
1:58 Video Editor – Premiere Elements
2:45 How to pin the programs to your task bar
2:52 New Look and Feel – lighter interface
2:56 Photoshop Elements
3:38 Quick mode
3:43 Perfect Pet
6:18 Auto selection tool video
9:00 Shake reduction link to review
11:15 Extend Background
11:30 ABCs of PSE playlist link
14:00 Warp feature
17:40 Warping digital scrapbooking elements or embellishments
18:55 Moving Photos
19:09 Moving Overlays
23:00 Artistic Effects
24:20 New Video Slideshow Styles
25:30 GIF support in Organizer
26:30 Help with the decision to upgrade
27:30 Silent Updates
27:00 Should you upgrade?

Photoshop Elements is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and Adobe has released the new version. As usual, I’m here to walk you through the new features.

Updated Look and Feel
Photoshop Elements 2022 bring you an updated look with color changes across the application. PSE now comes with a lighter, brighter and a cleaner user interface. In Photoshop Elements 10 and earier we had a dark interface, like Photoshop CC has nowadays. PSE is heading into even lighter colors this year. What do you think? Are you loving the light and bright look or do you want to head back to the ‘dark ages’?

Warp Tool
After many years of requests, Adobe has added the ability to manually warp images in Photoshop Elements!
Head to the Transform menu then click Warp to change your layer to any shape you like. You can drag the outside handles, the grid inside the image or adjust the Bezier hands to adjust the corners.
You can use Warp Button on the Tool Options to access the Warp tool.

Perfect Pet Guided Edit
This Guided Edit allows you to enhance your Pet photos with tools to do basic crop, remove eye glare, remove small distractions and add some effects. It also allows you to apply adjustments selectively on
subject and background.

Photoshop Elements 2022 introduces to you a new guided edit Extend Background. This Guided Edit gives you the ability to extend the background of the image by:
cloning the surroundings using Auto Fill, or
by expanding them using Expand tool (which is similar to the recompose tool)

Moving Images
In Photoshop Elements 2021, we saw Adobe add moving photos and quote graphics which you could export at GIF files. In 2022, Adobe builds on these features by adding the ability to export your moving images as MP4 files.

Elements 2022 also adds Moving Overlays, a feature that will help you adding moving content to your photos. There are three categories, Overlays, Essentials, and Frames. Fine tune the results with Protect Subject, Opacity, and Refine Area.

Artistic Effects
Add modern artistic effects to your photo. Transfer styles of 12 iconic images to your own photo. Adobe have curated some amazing presets for you. You can adjust the intensity and color preservation to fine tune the effects to suit your own photo.
Find it in Quick edit mode under Effects Panel – Artistic tab.

Slideshow Themes
There are four new video slideshow themes in Photoshop Elements Organizer, so if you have ever wanted to jazz up a simple slideshow – go check them out.

Automatic Updates
Photoshop and Premiere Elements now have silent updates. You’ll always have the latest updates for your current version of Photoshop Elements – no need to deal with dialog boxes!

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