photoshop elements 12 tutorial for beginners|brigthness contrast

in this video on photoshop elements 12 tutorial for beginners, I will be showing you how to brighten an image in PS Elements 12. we are going to be using brightness and contrast to get the result.
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well comes another quick tutorial in
Photoshop in the mist swirls

and dis you do I was showing you how to
bright n

a me an image are how to lighten up an

to as you can see this teacher is to

so you talked so we going to

use Brighton it contrasts to

to to brighten this in this so you can
go to

enhance from a Nancy go to at just the

just my tuning not to show the Highlands

but bright to news brightness and
contrast between to use this one but you

can also use the labels


to that first let’s use to brightness

in contrast so if you bring a

alluded up to brightness it’s going to
make it more

bright so in this case

all the way she normally

up it’s fine and you can give it to her

little bit of contrast unless contras

and and it’s done

and make sure the preview button is

so annoys you won’t see here the changes
that you make

22so that’s one way to change it and also
you can go to

enhance jest also

levels that give some results but not so

and attacks and you can’t do

a also

go to levels and levels you get

year pained writes in a bit side days

well more is desert you

but a result a number two contras

use more a and

you have it that’s another and

you can also good to adjust lightening

shuttle and this is due

gonna give you our review and how to

at my gym so good you click and and then
you can adjust it

how you want it to be. so

comic but darker more min

members of contras you and that’s
perfect just what


so that’s how you like to know

picture with death Photoshop Elements 12

their really hope you learned something
from this tutorial

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thanks for watching sue for the next

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