Photoshop CS5 New Brushes and Painting

In this tutorial video I demonstrate controls for the new Mixer Brush and Bristle Brush controls. These exciting new features allow you to produce more organic “painterly” styles of illustration based on existing pixels values from a placed photograph.

Key areas of interest are identifying the new controls for the Bristle Brush in the brushes palette. Locating the controls for the Mixer Brush and how to use it without affecting your original image, non-destructively painting over your chosen image.

Lastly a note. I LOVE hand rendered type. It’s the reason I’m a big fan of designers like Sagmeister who like to use hand rendered lettering in many of his designs. At the end I show how easy it is to take a new CS5 Bristle Brush, and write cursive with it for a smooth lettering effect.

Duration: 120

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