Photoshop CS5 Extended Beta panel “Anim_Dessin 0.1.0” for animator

This panel is based both on some of my experimentation until Photoshop CS3 Extended and on the discovery of the Method Virgin “We’re All in this Together” created by Three Legged Legs, but more exactly on the advices and tips of Renault Armanet du studio tigoboANIMATION.
I also would say a big thanks to my Betatester Pablo Navarro :¬)​repertoire/​methodvirgin/​

Link to download the panel: (version FR & US)
After the download, simply double click on the ZXP. That will launch the Adobe Extension Manager CS5. Accept the instruction and relaunch Photoshop CS5 Extended.

•• NEW version for Photoshop CS4 Extended, with some limitation (no possibility to assign shortcut to the scripts and no direct access to the New document dialog box and US version only): ••

Please give me some feedback via the comments or mail “colorisation [-AT-] gmail [-point-] com”

This panel is free and you can share it ;¬)

Here the link to download an other complementary panel to facilitate the process of colorize an Photoshop animation (version FR & US)

Duration: 883

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