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Guys If You want to learn photoshop from scratch then this Hindi photoshop tutorial or you can say photoshop course is for you. This is a Adobe Photoshop 2021 Crash course is specially design for beginners and i can say this is my best creation.

Photoshop is a pixel based photo editing software and most commonly used software in media industry. you can do any type of photo editing in this software. Photoshop is highly recommended for Photographer, Social Media Content Creator, Graphic Designer,
Digital Marketer, YouTuber, Freelancer and anyone with laptop.

I this photoshop tutorial we will learn all the basics and important photoshop tools like: Layer, Selection, Brush, Mask, Eraser, Clone stamp tool, Spot Healing Brush, Patch Tool, Type tool, shape etc. in full detail. best part about this course is Hindi. so if you are looking or searching for best photoshop tutorial in Hindi then your search ends here. because there is no Hindi photoshop course or tutorial like this on whole YouTube.

System Requirement For Photoshop:
*For Latest Version-
i3 Processor
8GB Ram
2GB Graphics Card

*For Older Version Like CS6
i3 Processor
4GB Ram

Course Chapter

00:00:00 – Course Intro
00:02:29 – Create New Project
00:13:31 – Interface And Workspace
00:20:41 – Layer Concept
00:33:18 – Transformation
01:02:34 – Selection Tool
01:37:34 – Brush Tool
01:57:50 – Eraser Tool
02:06:57 – Masking
02:22:08 – Clone Stamp | Spot | Patch
02:44:09 – Light And Color Adjustment
03:11:20 – Type Tool
03:24:17 – Shape Tool
03:59:17 – Project
04:15:03 – Final Word

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