Photoshop Coloring Tutorial

Photoshop Color tutorial

This tutorial covers the basic’s on how to make the base layers then color it so it looks real ish, then shading it with shadows and etc

This video tutorial is made by, covered from the digital tutorial made

This tutorial is to help people understand how to shade, and do skin tone, its much eaiser to understand this then trying to learn by reading, For better use of this tutorial do what

CxSteamPunKxD Said

you guys have speedy internet right? so why not watch it on 720p(you can see them clearly even on a lower pixel value) and full screen it and look every detail every change he/she’s done here :|… If you want to learn something don’t just mimic what he/she’s doing look what changes has been made too…

Line art is not by me it is by prodigybombay, you can visit her at

Set your hardness lower then 70%, and mess with your opac for the shading effect set it to around 0-50%

For smokey effect i aprently do, set your hardness on your airbrush to 0%, then you can mes with the opac/flow, and see how you like it

Set the DPI, dots per inch for hq resolution 1080 ,720 standard resolution 300dpi

i used a airbrush with lowered hardness / opac

i will be updating my channel, also check it out for my gloving tutorials for beginner ravers :), granted im semi beginner also i only been gloving for a year best of luck to all you (:

Duration: 00:09:20