Photoshop Color Replacement Tool | Photoshop CC Tutorial This a Photoshop CC Tutorial where you will learn how to Replace Color in Photoshop CC. This tutorial will work in any modern version of Photoshop (CS2-CS6). I will show you how to replace color in Photoshop Traditionally and Non Destructively.

Tools used in this Photoshop Tutorial:
Color Replacement Tool, Quick Selection, Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer, Masking.
(Alternately you can make a selection using any method including Select Color Range)

You can use the techniques in this video replace color in things like clothing and vehicles. This works best with solid colors or objects with a consistent hue. If you do this non destructively it can be very handy in retouching in Photoshop, especially if you are working with fashion photography.

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Duration: 00:04:16