Photoshop Color Light Burst Text Effect gradient

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to Create Color Light Burst Effect with simple and easy steps.
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►Part 01 Photoshop Tools Part 1
►Part 02 Photoshop Tools Part 2
►Part 03 Photoshop Tools Part 3
►Part 04 Match Color and Replace Color
►Part 06 Background Erase With Masking
►Part 07 Photo frame 2
►Part 08 Photo frame
►Part 09 Brush Load and Using Brush
►Part 10 Face Mask
►Part 11 Half Skecth Effect
►Part 12 Letter with Face
►Part 13 Invisible Cloth
►Part 14 Cracked Face Design Design
►Part 15 Business Card Design
►Part 16 Photo Retouch
►Part 17 Certificate(4) Design
►Part 18 Certificate Design
►Part 19 Certificate (2) Design
►Part 20 Background Design Using Photoshop
►Part 21 Face TYpography (Black and White)
►Part 22 Carved Design
►Part 23 Sun Create

Duration: 00:07:41