Photoshop CC Tutorial: VCR VHS Instagram Camcorder Glitch Effect

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In this photoshop tutorial I will be using photoshop CC to show you how to achieve that glitchy VHS VCR tape Camcorder effect that you may have seen on Instagram, or mobile apps like the camcorder video that were quite popular. Glitch art, and vapor-wave art style retro effects are becoming very popular and there are many different techniques you can use to replicate that old school video quality in your photograph.

Steps involved in this tutorial:

1. Create old school vcr timestamp in the corner to replicate a film camera using the text tool and the font linked below. Place and size to your liking.

2. Add some noise by going to filter – noise – add noise to add some graininess.

3. use the rectangular marquee and single row selection tool and the edit – transform – free selection tools to create some pixel stretch segments. Distort those segments further using filter – distort – shear. Repeat.

4. Create a new Hue Saturation Adjustment layer, and distort the hue and saturation to create a distorted looking color.

5. Open up the Channels Menu and Use the Shear Filter to create channel color separation, giving you that 3d glasses color splitting effect.

6. Add finishing glitches, shears, and distortions to your liking using the tools we’ve used up to this point, and you’re finished!

Link to font:

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Duration: 00:10:01