Photoshop CC Tutorial – How to make an Animated GIF

Photoshop CC Tutorial – How to make an Animated GIF

This video shows Photoshop step by step basics and how to make an animated GIF in Photoshop CC. You can use this animated GIF image for social media and more. This video shows how to make the image heartbeat effect. Photoshop heartbeat animation is very easy and I show how to make the animated gif in photoshop cc frame animation.

Step 1: Rasterize Layer
Step 2: Duplicate Layer (Ctrl + J)
Step 3: Edit – Free Tranform (Ctrl + J)
Step 4: Window – Timeline(Create Frame Animation)
Step 5: Deselect Copy Layer
Step 6: Deselect Main Layer and Click Copy Layer
Step 7: Select Forever
Step 8: Select both and select 1.0 for speed
Step 9: File – Save for Web

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