Photoshop CC How to Make Basic Photo Adjustments and Use Lasso Select – Photoshop Beginners Tutorial

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Because we are a slow talker, we recommend you use the YouTube “Tools Cog” on the player bar to watch the video at a speed of 1.5x or even 1.75x.

In this Lesson for complete beginners we learn about using some of the fundamental Photoshop Tools such as:

– Image Adjustments – Exposure
– Image Adjustments – Brightness Contrast
– Image Adjustments – Hue and Saturation
– Image Adjustments – Vibrance
– Image Adjustments – Curves
– Changing Image Size in Photoshop
– Filter Blur Gaussian Blur
– Filter Sharpen Smart Sharpen
– The Crop Tool
– Using the crop Tool to Straighten Photos
– Using the Rule of Thirds Grid on the Crop Tool
– The Lassoo Selection Tool
– The Band Aid Spot Removal Tool
– The Clone Stamp Copy Paste Tool
– The Magnifying Zoom Tool
– Ctrl-Z to go backwards and undo steps
– File Save As JPEG format

Resources Download Links:
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How to Zoo Photos –

How to Beach Tennis Collage –

Gorillas Image –

Lizard Image –

Beach Image –

Tennis Image –

Because we are a slow talker, we recommend you use the YouTube “Tools Cog” on the player bar to watch the video at a speed of 1.5x or even 1.75x.

If you are a Teacher watching this video then click the downloads links and get the lesson materials for your students.

Give these resources to your students and we think you will find that some of them will “get it” very quickly. The other students need to watch this video which goes through everything in full detail slowly step by step with repetition of examples.

This is a detailed video, if you want to fast track learning, then just Download and quickly work through the PDF of Step by Step Instructions using the Link given further down below.

Then for anything you do not fully understand in the Step By Step PDF Document, simply use the Timeline Index below to go and watch the relevant section of Video explanation.

If you have the time it will be extremely beneficial to watch the entire video to maximize learning outcomes.


Click on the time number to jump to that section of the video.

00:00 to 00:50 – Introduction
00:50 to 26:26 – Lesson 1 – Zoo Photos
26:26 to 38:38 – Lesson 2 – Beach Photos
38:38 to 48:17 – Lesson 3 – Tennis Photos
48:17 to 48:55 – Lesson 4 – Free Online Collage Makers
48:55 to 48:56 – Video Wrap Up and Outro

This video will be useful for anyone learning how to use Photoshop.

You can download a hard copy of the Step By Step Instructions Guide at the Links given above.

Check with your Teacher or Instructor first, as they may already have these Download materials for you.

You can check out our full Photoshop Course in the Photoshop Playlist on our YouTube Channel.

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