Photoshop 2D Animation Test and Process

I recently been studying (mainly traditional animation) and experimenting in Photoshop CC using the new video set up. Check out the new video i just uploaded which shows a quick 3 sec animation test (I know pretty short) but it was just a rough scene, no color. And shows a short process about how I did it and how you can do it as well with or without schooling. It is awesome to know that Photoshop can do this, takes time, but so does rigging and puppet warping every key frame. I think i found my 2D programs to work with some stories I been wanting to create Photoshop CC and After Effects CC. If you want me to make a more detailed video on how I did something just message me or comment and I’ll try and create something. Thanks for watching!

Check out a quick dental animation done in Photoshop CC. Click Here.

Duration: 00:03:02