Photopea Tutorial for Beginners: How to Use the Best FREE Photo Editing Software (2021)

In this Photopea tutorial, I am going to be teaching you how to use Photopea โ€“ a completely FREE photo editing software – from start to finish. In this Photopea for beginners tutorial, I will be teaching you how to use various tools, edit your photos, remove the background, and much, much more! I know a lot of you guys are starting your own YouTube channels in 2021, and PhotoPea is a great free photo editor for editing images, as well as making graphics such as YouTube thumbnails for FREE.

Project files:
Download “PhotoPea (2021) Tutorial Files”

20 Photopea Tips and Tricks – I go over more advanced things you can do in Photopea such as editing text out of images, creating GIFs, and more:

Photopea is a great photo editor as it is completely free, requires no download, and has a VERY similar UI to Photoshop. Additionally, you can even edit Photoshop files IN Photopea, so if you have any PSD files and templates that you want to edit, Photopea is a great free Photoshop alternative you can use.

I really hope you guys do enjoy this Photopea tutorial. Iโ€™ve been trying to make more photo editing tutorials in 2021 and thought this was a good one because in my opinion, Photopea is the best free photo editing software! Let me know in the comments if you want me to make more in-depth videos on how to use Photopea in 2021.

0:00 Photopea Tutorial for Beginners: How to Use the Best FREE Photo Editing Software – Free Photoshop Alternative (2021)
0:42 Opening & editing photoshop files
1:00 Creating your PhotoPea project
1:55 Photo Pea interface overview
6:14 Adding and editing images in PhotoPea
10:40 Removing the background of your image in PhotoPea
11:42 Adding image effects (blending options)
12:23 Other tools you might use in Photo Pea
14:04 Adding and editing text in PhotoPea
17:30 Using the brush tool
18:38 Saving and exporting your project

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