Photography Masterclass – Time Saving Lightroom and Photoshop Shortcuts

Welcome to Terry White’s Photography Masterclass! In this class, Terry will show you his favorite time-saving shortcuts and techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop. Time to work faster and smarter!

Host Terry White is a photographer and Adobe Evangelist based in Atlanta, GA:
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00:00 Start
03:49 Shortcuts in Lightroom and Photoshop
04:14 Lightroom Classic keyboard shortcuts
08:30 Shortcut lists – Library Shortcuts
10:45 Fullscreen mode – removes tether bar
12:57 Editing multiple photos in Lightroom vs. Lightroom Classic
17:43 Choosing copy setting – selecting specific functions to paste
22:48 Cropping shortcuts for Lightroom and Lightroom Classic
25:48 Target and quick collections
31:57 Managing panels and working in solo mode
33:26 Creating exporting presets in Lightroom Classic
38:07 Nondestructive tips in Photoshop – convert to smart filters
44:47 Converting background layers to normal layers
47:19 Brush hotkey options
50:30 Editing a smart object
51:50 Content Aware Scale – Protect feature using mask
56:16 Puppet Warp

Duration: 00:57:16