Photographing 2d works PART III

This video is meant to serve as a guide for students and artists looking to document their 2d works from home. This is not a comprehensive guide and may not suit everyone.

Table of Contents

Part I Using natural daylight and an iphone

Setup with equipment / materials
Using camera app (pre installed on iphones)
On screen view of settings
Using Adobe app with camera settings

Part IIa Using artificial light and a DSLR camera

Setup with equipment / artificial light control
Camera settings DSLR
Adjusting artificial lights

Part IIb Using artificial light and a DSLR camera

Using the diy reflector
Note on larger 2d works

Part III Editing image files

Display settings
Editing phone camera app image file
Editing Adobe app image file
Comparison between apps and camera image files
Editing DSLR camera image file

Duration: 00:12:06