Photo or 3d Render? Think you can tell the difference? product design tutorial using Adobe Dimension

Think You are Good at
Telling the Difference? Is that a photo or a render?
what if I told you that render took me 20 minutes to set up using Adobe Dimension and Photoshop.

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This video is for 3d artist who would like to learn how to render their products really fast and efficient using Adobe Dimension and Photoshop.

I have been using Adobe Dimension for the last 4-5 years now and It’s my go-to tool for rendering all my designer toy sculpts, I love the fact that Adobe Dimension is super easy to set up, the render times are really low and for the quality that you are receiving it’s just the perfect took for all product designers that want to do quick 3d render test, for all their concepts and products before starting to 3d print and produce.

Getting a 3d model ready for the prototype stage, and especially testing out multiple colourways and different accessories it’s very time consuming, this is were Adobe Dimension works just perfect cause you can render 3d decimated STL and Obj files you don’t need to worry about clean topology or UV.

Duration: 00:43:06