Photo Manipulation Tutorial – (TREE OF LIFE) Photoshop Speed Art

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’m going to combine multiple stock images to create Tree of Life Photoshop Concept Art using a variety of Photoshop Manipulation techniques. I hope you enjoy the Photoshop Speed Art video

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00:00 Intro
00:11 Creating a new document
00:13 Bringing in the river’s image
00:20 Reducing the saturation and brightness
00:25 Adding rocks to the river
00:43 Adjusting the colour and brightness of the rocks
00:50 Bringing in the forest trees
00:52 Making a selection using the colour range
01:05 Placing the forest in the scene
01:15 Adjusting the values
01:21 Bringing in the sky’s image
01:32 Adjusting the colour of the forest
01:40 Grouping the layers
01:47 Creating the small land in the river
01:58 Transforming the object
02:05 Adjusting the levels
02:11 Filling the missing part using clone stamp tool
02:20 Blending the image with the river
02:31 Creating the reflections and shadows
03:21 Adding the tree
03:34 Creating the grasses
04:26 Scaling up the tree and land a bit
04:31 Changing the colour of the tree’s leaves
05:18 Creating the glowing ring
05:31 Creating the glow effect
06:04 Adding the glow reflections
07:21 Creating the reflections on the river
07:59 Adding the reflected lights on the river
08:09 Adding the rocks
08:42 Creating the light reflections on the rocks
09:01 Bringing in the broken tree branches
09:08 Adjusting the values
09:17 Creating the reflections
09:35 Preparing the surface for the reflected lights
09:44 Creating the reflected lights
10:14 Scaling up the forest trees
10:24 Creating the light reflections
11:11 Adding the spirit deer
11:31 Creating the light effects
12:03 Adding the fireflies
12:37 Adding the butterflies
12:45 Creating the glow effects
13:07 Creating the light trails
13:52 Adding the falling stars
14:02 Merging all layers
14:08 Camera raw filter
14:31 Adding blur effect
15:04 The end
15:06 Outro

The Travelling Symphony by Savfk
The music in this video is licensed under a ‘Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)’.


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Duration: 00:15:24