Photo manipulation II Face art tutorial II photo editing photoshop

Hi guys, In this video we will try to create a simple manipulation art in photoshop 2022. It is called photo manipulation or face art tutorial.
We will use important tools while making this conceptual idea which will be easy to understad for averyone if any buddy watch till end. This Photo manipulation idea wiill be a little bit different than previous ideas but it is not deficult to get the empression. We already have made a short tutorial on this same idea but that was fast because of time thats why we are uploading a new vide called photo manipulation , photo art tutorial photoshop for bignners and who wants to learn more ideas. So please watch till end and give us your important feed back on comment section to more improvements thanks a lot.

#photomanipulation #facearttutorial #photoshop

Duration: 00:02:05