Phạm Hoài Đăng Part 127.1 Arrow of Time changed by Gravity F, F12nN of N Dimension, Relative Theory

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Protons, electrons in brain moved and occurred awareness, … at
Proton, electron trong bộ não di chuyển và xảy ra nhận thức, … tại
The part 127: (Universe)
1. Arrow of Time is changed by Universal Gravity F, F12..nN of N Dimension, Relative Theory:
2. Universes contain Black Holes are large Gravity, Repulsion Force increase and Bang:

***Người Việt Nam sử dụng;***
– Screen Recording of Format Factory do the sound of video matched from Beginning of the video, but later the sound is sooner about (1…). seconds at End of the Video.
– Dang doesn’t be money enough to buy Adobe Premier Pro and fix to match Video and Sound. Everyone try to watch End Video.
– And Because Dang’s Computer Hardware is low, weak. Dang can’t do some steps so Time is used for Scientific Working, such that:
(Open source Format Factory is errors. So Dang use free Audio Extractor Online, Audio Joiner Online, Audio + Video Joiner Online)
Step 1: Extract(Splitter) Sound from Video.
Step 2: Join Original Sound + End of the sound (1…) seconds.
Step 3: Join Video + Sound joined.
Everyone want to check. Everyone need to play 2 Videos on or Facebook in the same time that match about (1…) seconds in End of the Video. And Everyone listen on later time Video, watch and mute on sooner(earlier) time Video.

Duration: 04:38:32