Panku the Giant


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My inspiration that came to make this inspiration was reading Chinese Mythology. I felt there was a lack of exposure of this genre in the West as we are very fond of Norse, Greek, Roman, and Celtic Mythology. It is a potential short series of chosen mythologies so I began with the first. I purposely did not put any subtitles directly because I wanted to create a foreign observation for the viewers to experience, at least those who doesn’t understand the language Chinese. To play with this further all the texts within my animation are actually what is being spoken by the narrator, my father whom I wanted to be part of my art. For those interested what the text in the background is being said, below is the exact transcript being shown and spoken:

Once, the world was a mass of swirling darkness. There was no heaven. There was no earth. All the forces of the universe were trapped inside a small egg, tumbling and spinning in utter chaos. Inside the egg was a tiny creature named Panku. He slept soundly, unbothered by the disorder around him. As he slept, Panku grew, and the egg also grew around him. For eighteen thousand years Panku slumbered peacefully, until he had developed into a well-formed, muscular giant.

One day when the universe was especially unstable, Panku woke up. All around, he saw nothing but darkness and confusion. At first, he was intrigued by the irregular rhythms of the world. He watched, fascinated, as whirling particles burst and scattered around him. Quickly, he learned to dodge exploding gases by nimbly jumping from side to side. After awhile, however, he became tired of and irritated by all the noise confusion.

Panku knew he would have to take action, so he grabbed a long meteor. He picked it up like an ax and swung it down with every ounce of his strength. It crashed upon the center of the egg and split it open. Then another several hundred years more the giant could not handle it anymore and collapsed. Finally his work was over, and Panku, the creator, was dead. In his place, he left a beautiful world.

Duration: 101

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