Pages Tutorial

Pages Tutorial

Exercise Files:

Who it’s for: Beginners and anyone who wants to learn more about Apple Pages.

What it is: Apple’s highly-regarded document app, a cornerstone of their iWork Suite and similar to Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

What you’ll learn: We’ll start with the basics like creating, opening, and saving documents, along with adding common document objects like images, charts, and more. Next, we’ll go over formatting documents with margins, borders, backgrounds, and bookmarks, and formatting text with fonts, colors, outlines, and shadows. Finally, we’ll cover publishing and collaboration with printing, sharing, working together, and iCloud integration.

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:03
Opening Pages 2:31
Introduction to Images, Charts, and Other Objects 7:48
Creating Documents and Books 8:58
Finding Documents 10:59
Opening, Closing, Saving, and Naming Documents 12:03
Paper Size and Orientation 13:50
Document Margins 15:16
Facing Pages 18:31
Adding, Rearranging, and Deleting Pages 19:46
Document Parts 25:30
Bookmarks and Links 30:03
Backgrounds and Borders 31:50
Watermarks and Background Objects 35:25
Standard and Custom Templates 37:54
Selecting, Replacing, Copying, and Pasting Text 40:38
Dictation and Special Characters 42:38
Using Other Languages 44:53
Date, Time, and Equations 46:09
Setting Default Font and Paragraph Styles 47:35
Text Color, Outlines, and Shadows 50:24
Capitalization, Punctuation, Styles, and Formatting 51:47
Highlighting, Hyphens, and Dashes 55:18
Spacing and Lists 57:25
Tab Stops and Aligning and Justifying Text 59:24
Pagination, Breaks, and Columns 1:00:08
Linking Text Boxes 1:01:55
Images and Shapes 1:03:46
Lines and Arrows 1:05:46
Animating Drawings 1:07:13
Audio and Video 1:08:48
Image and Video Formats 1:11:01
Object Settings – Transparency, Fill, Border, and Shadow 1:11:46
Object Styles 1:14:11
Tables 1:15:28
Charts 1:18:34
Spell Check, Look Up, and Find and Replace 1:20:49
Text Replacement 1:22:43
Page Count 1:23:45
Comments and Annotations 1:24:46
Track Changes 1:26:47
Printing 1:27:19
Sending Documents 1:28:35
Sharing, Collaborating, and Publishing to Apple Books 1:30:03
Locking, Passwords, and iCloud 1:31:28
Packing to Reducing File Size and Restoring Versions 1:32:51
Transferring Between Devices 1:34:22
Troubleshooting 1:35:08
Keyboard Shortcuts 1:38:00
Conclusion 1:39:51

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Duration: 01:40:55