Once We Were Penguins

I made this short animation for MTV for a project called the Art Break Project in 2004. MTV contacted 40 or so artists to participate in making one minute shorts for the channel that would work like fillers. These were airing internationally for about two years, and I’ve heard they still show up now and then.

Here on VIMEO, now some four and a half years later, I’m premiering it in HD! I’ve been sitting around on the HD material all this time, but never took the time to render it in full quality until yesterday.
(I remember trying to rendering it in HD in 2004 but it took hours and I didn’t have that time then. Now it takes just minutes.. Just four years of computer evolution…)

Basically all material is hand painted, then layered in Photoshop and animated in After Effects. There are some digital cell animation though such as the boats, the little people, the flying birds and the traffic where I was using Toon Boom Studio for simple drawn classic animation.
Each edit is originally 10 seconds, but in the one minute spot they’re cut down to 7,5 seconds.

If you have any questions or comment please drop me a text somewhere.

Duration: 87

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