OFFSET: Drawing and Painting with Ben Eblen

Ben Eblen lifts the curtain behind the magnificent portraits of iconic faces and characters he creates online. Learn about color, composition, form, and style in this special episode of OFFSET with Ryan Selvy, as we interview Ben about his work.

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Guest Ben Eblen is a professional painter from South Australia:

Host Ryan Selvy is a live streaming Motion Designer in New York City:

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00:00 Start
4:19 Ben’s Introduction
6:34 Let’s Look at Your Work
21:44 Ben’s Inspiration
29:03 What’s In Your Sketchbook
49:50 Art Talk
59:55 Monkey paws
1:03:20 Gabriella Szendrey
1:09:59 October Ink
1:22:49 From This to That
1:33:17 Could I see your collection?
1:39:39 What’s next for Ben Eblen
1:46:12 Building trust in your audience

Duration: 01:53:11