Office Hours: Creative Basics – Photoshop 201

So you think you know Photoshop? Office Hours is here to help you level up. Join Nick Longo and Andrew Hochradel as they dive deeper into the tips and tricks of Adobe Photoshop.

Andrew Hochradel is a freelance brand identity designer based in Southern California:

Nick Longo is the Creative Director behind Longo Designs, a branding agency specializing in product launches, corporate identity, and more:

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00:00 Start
03:16 Asking chat where to start in Photoshop Essentials
05:05 Working with perspectives in PS
08:28 Bevel Emboss effect for the mockup
12:24 Andrew demos Vanishing Point tools and options in PS
17:32 Blend If features
21:51 Working with Smart Objects when making mockups
25:28 Revisiting Blend If functions – Van logo
29:12 Nick demos live type w/ warp transforms within a Smart Object
34:54 Andrew uses blend modes and masks for a spray paint effect
43:30 Switch over to Youtube
46:47 Nick’s brand boards
52:07 Andrew explains Multiply

Duration: 00:55:23