Office Hours: Creative Basics 201 | Adobe Illustrator 2.0

Let’s take your vector skills to the next level! Join office hours as we dive deeper into Adobe Illustrator and show you how to maximize your design potential.

Andrew Hochradel is a freelance brand identity designer based in Southern California:

Nick Longo is the Creative Director behind Longo Designs, a branding agency specializing in product launches, corporate identity, and more:

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00:00 Start
01:35 Cropcon designers and intros
06:46 Pathfinder Tips and Tricks
11:45 Compound paths
15:56 Pathfinder – Intersect option
16:58 Pathfinder – Exclude option
20:45 Shape Builder Tool function comparison w/ Pathfinder
24:50 Pathfinder – Divide option
26:00 Pathfinder – Trim options
27:24 Pathfinder – Merge option – removing redundant points
29:10 Pathfinder – Crop option
30:19 Pathfinder – Outline option?
32:32 Pathfinder – Minus Back option, Punch Out without Outlines
33:39 Pathfinder – Punch Out and Repeat shortcut
35:32 Shape Builder tool better than Pathfinder
37:26 Working with type and the Shape Builder tool
40:03 Offset Path – Inline type – alt/option group selection
46:39 Answering questions from Discord
52:10 Overlapping shapes and clipping masks

Duration: 00:57:01