NVIDIA Studio | NVIDIA RTX Accelerates Adobe Dimension

Adobe Dimension taps into dedicated ray-tracing processors on RTX GPUs to dramatically speed up rendering of 3D environments. This allows you to see dynamic lighting, beautiful reflections and soft shadows — all without the wait. At Adobe MAX, top designers and artists share their thoughts on how NVIDIA RTX GPUs are accelerating 3D creation. Featuring Ashlee Martino-Tarr, 3D Content Specialist from NVIDIA, Vladimir Petkovic, Creative Director from Adobe, Benny Lee, Global 3D Design Lead from Coca-Cola, and Liam Keating, Product Designer from Volvo.

Adobe Dimension makes it easy and affordable for tens of millions of graphic designers and illustrators to step into 3D with stock assets, point-and-click materials and a powerful new NVIDIA RTX-accelerated ray-traced renderer.

For more information about NVIDIA Studio, visit: https://www.nvidia.com/studio

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Duration: 00:02:54