Nicole Palucsis Compositing Reel 18/19

Showreel 2018/2019

Breakdowns of my compositing skills in my projects at University and work from studios.

00:03 – 00:09 – Last of Us Project – Directed and filmed the shot. Created the Matte Painting. Comp/Roto and keyed in Nuke.
Project by Nicole Palucsis

00:11 – 00:20 – Ghost Film – Directed and filmed the shot. 3D Comped the model in Nuke. Multipass renders
Project by Nicole Palucsis

00:21 – 00:31 – O2 Network Help Video. Tracked, clean up /Roto and comped in AE/Mocha
This was a project I worked on at Storm and Shelter, Post in-house.
Project by Storm and Shelter

00:32 – 00:38 – O2 Network Help Video. Tracked, clean up/Roto and comped in AE/Mocha.
This was a project I worked on at Storm and Shelter, Post in-house.
Project by Storm and Shelter

00:40 – 00:59 – Yamaha Bass Videos – A Interview with Richard the bassist from Stereophonics.
He had a cut on his lip. Storm and Shelter were in the progress of colour grading and the cut was so red. Yamaha asked Storm and Shelter if they could remove or hide the cut lip.
I tracked and cleaned up the lip cut before the reapply of the colour grade.
Yamaha and Richard were happy I could cover the cut.

00:58 – 01:05 – Class Tutorial in University. Simple clean up/roto/track and key in Nuke.
Project by Paul Schut

01:06 – 01:10- Ghost Film – Screen replacement in Nuke.Track, Roto/Comp and graphics.
Project by Nicole Palucsis

01:10 – 01:18 – Ghost Film – Arcade machine replacement in Nuke.Track, Comp, Clean up/Roto, Corner pin.
Project by Nicole Palucsis

01:19 – 01:31 – Assassin Creed Promo – Directed and filmed.
Created Matte painting, Tracked in PF Track. Clean up/Roto and 3D Comped in AE.
Model by Sam Howell.
Cosplayer Chris Josty.
Project by Nicole Palucsis

01:32 – 01:54 – Into the Darkness Film. Story and Directed by Nicole Palucsis
Roto, Clean up, 3D Comp and Comp, Track in AE.

01:54 – 02:00 – Spells. Harry Potter inspired the project.
FX, Roto, Effects and Comp all in AE.
Project by Nicole Palucsis

02:01 – 02:09 – The Red Huntress. Story and Direct by Nicole Palucsis
Roto, Clean, Key, Comp. Created the matte painting. Keyframe animation.

Software used

After Effects
Premiere Pro

Song – Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter (Official Audio)

Duration: 133

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