Newton3 Core Functions After Effects Tutorial

In this video we learn the core features of the After Effects 2d physics engine plugin Newton3.

The third version of Newton brings a new interface, built-in animation tools, a host of other enhancements and 2 new joint types to use in your motion designs and animations.

We cover the joint system in a second video. To view that click this link:

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Separating Shapes 6:44

Density 12:18

Friction 16:15

Bounciness 18:17

Mesh Precision 18:54

Velocity 21:26

Kinematic/AEMatic 27:10

Render 32:27

Linear Damping 34:33

Convex Hull 38:38

Collide Objects 41:52

Export Contacts 43:36

Magnetism 45:52

Animation timeline 55:16


Duration: 00:59:48

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