News Cast Opening for Bearly News At Missouri State University

The programs that I used to create this news cast opening are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. The process I used to create this video was very simple. I utilized a green screen that we had in our news studio class room. I recorded two other students a couple of times, doing different gesturers and movements. The whole process took me less than a day of work to complete. In the opening, the photo of the university I found on the internet. Same goes for the Missouri State University bear and word logo. I added in drop shadows on both of them through Photoshop. The lens flare I used from After Effects and made it shine on the Bearly News logo I created in Photoshop just using the text tool and making it have a gradient. We decided as a class to call it Bearly News because we have a bear as our mascot.
In the two anchor shots, almost everything is done in Photoshop. The two pictures of the university I found online. I looked for shots that were at dusk/night because we were aiming this show to be shown at five o’clock. The background gradient, curve with gradient, and name tiles were all created in Photoshop. The lens flare, again, is part of After Effects.
In the final shot, I used the Missouri State University logo and the Bearly News logo I created with a drop shadow that moves behind them and also makes all the assets on the screen pop out. Music was added in later by someone else. That is why there is no music in the composition.
I sadly do not have a copy of the news cast. I contacted the professor to get a copy and he does not have one for my class anymore. I directed it and it was a group final for the entire class. We were allowed three takes back to back and couldn’t stop once started. It was as if it was a live news cast where everything was one take.

Duration: 26

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