New Features in After Effects 2023 🎉 Native 3D Objects!?!?

Adobe just dropped some new updates for After Effects, and we’re here to show off some of the quality-of-life improvements and major updates that have dropped in the 2023 release.

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🚀 After Effects Kickstart

00:00 Adobe Released New Updates to After Effects
00:15 Keyframe Colors
00:46 Keyframe Selections
01:34 Keyframe Navigation
02:21 Separate Dimensions by Default
02:50 New Composition Presets
03:06 New Animation Presets
05:16 New Track Matte System (Big Deal!)
08:45 After Effects Kickstart
09:06 Native H.264 Exporting
09:51 Beta Features
10:21 Properties Panel
10:38 Native 3D Objects

Duration: 00:11:15