New features in Adobe XD 2021 | Adobe XD Tutorial | UX Design

Adobe XD tutorial | Stacks, Scroll Groups, Design Tokens
Hey Guys what’s up this is parag from midas multimedia and today we are going to learn three new features of Adobe XD.

1. Stack
2. Scroll Group
3. Design Tokens

We have waited long time for these features and they are most requested on the adobe xd user voice.

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Stacks in Adobe XD 2021
Stacks are a new way to work with groups and components in XD. Similar to Flexbox in CSS, Stacks are columns or rows of objects with set spacing between them. As you add, remove, reorder, or resize objects in a stack, all the other objects automatically adjust, maintaining the spacing as you change your designs.

Scroll Groups in Adobe XD 2021
Scroll Groups make your prototypes behave like live websites and apps. Now, you can make parts of your designs scroll for designing feeds, lists, carousels, galleries, and more.

Design Tokens in Adobe XD 2021
Design Tokens a new way for designers and developers to work together with XD. You can now add custom names to colors and character styles in your Assets panel that are automatically published into downloadable CSS files for developers. Developers can reference the CSS file in their code and if you change any styling in your designs, they can simply grab the updated CSS without having to update their code manually.

Time Stamps
Stacks 00:31
Scroll Groups 04:53
Design Tokens 08:28

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Duration: 00:10:58