New Curl Noise like representation of Fields with Geometry Nodes in Blender – Tutorial

In this tutorial, I have shown the new Curl Noise-like representation of field and new presets for Geometry Nodes including the Falloff Simple Tracer node, etc. If you like my work then please do support me 🙂

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▶️ 0:00 Intro
▶️ 0:38 Curl Noise Like representation explain
▶️ 7:53 Setup UV maps
▶️ 8:38 Setup Material for curl noise like lines
▶️ 9:49 Brushstroke effects
▶️ 10:38 Curl Gradient Like Lines group node and Custom Field group nodes
▶️ 10:44 Falloff Simple Tracer node
▶️ 12:50 Presets download links

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1) Intro:- Cinematic Emotional Inspiring by WinnieTheMoog from
2) Background:- Dirt Rhodes by Kevin MacLeod


Duration: 00:13:10