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Steps on how to create neon text effect in Photoshop :-

1. So the first step is to select Horizontal type tool and then select appropriate font and set it’s appropriate font size and also select any color for the font and then using the type tool type in your text.

2. Now right click on the text layer and select blending options over there and then click on stroke over there and then set the stroke size as 25 px and stroke color to white and then click Ok.

3. Now reduce the fill of the text layer to 0% so that only stroke is visible and not the color inside it , then press CTRL + G to create a group with the text layer inside it.

4. Now right click on the group and select Blending options over there and then click on outer glow over there and then set the following as :-
Blend mode – Normal , Opacity : 85% , Color : any NEON color of your choice , Spread : 10% , Size : 75px and then press Ok.

5. Now that neon text is done we have to set the background according to the text , so for that create a new layer and then select the brush tool and then brush as soft round and then set the brush color as that of text and then using the brush click on the surrounding of the text and then reduce the opacity of the layer to 5%.

So this will give you your perfect NEON text effect.
So that’s it guys!
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