Natron Lesson 20 – Animation using Photoshop .psd files

Natron is professional compositing software similar to Adobe After Effects, Fusion, and Nuke. It is 100% Free and Open Source for both personal and commercial use.

It runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows, and can be downloaded here:

I’m passionate about free software!

The goal of this channel is to promote awareness of free software, and the quality of work it can create.

Free software tools used in creating this video include:

OBS – for recording the video / screen capture and audio.
Natron – for creating the video intro splash screen, and to demo in the tutorial.
Inkscape – for creating the video end screen.
kdenlive – for editing the video intro and end screens in, and adding audio.
Gimp – for creating video thumbnails, and editing some example images.
Firefox – Open source web browser and my interface with YouTube.
GNU/Linux/Solus – operating system I use to run the above software.

Duration: 00:18:20