Nathan Winspear Motion & Graphic Reel

2019 Showreel Multi-discipline:

Colour Reel:

Motion Reel Detailed Breakdown:

00:00 – 00:13 | Title Card: Designed and animated.

00:13 – 00:27 | Boundless – Maps Seasons 2 & 3: Created large scale maps for various levels of zoom. Created race lines in Illustrator with course maps provided by race organizers. Cut out water sections, applied textures, text placements, race line placement and other map aesthetic adjustments in Photoshop. Fully animated with cloud creation in After Effects. Textures and overall look were provided to me from season 1 artist.

00:27 – 00:31 | Boundless – FitBit Brand Placement: Collaborated with FitBit and Esquire to create look. Animated and composited.

00:31 – 00:43 | Save Our Shelter – Opening Title Sequence Creation: Green screen keying on characters and animals. Created mattes from the animal keys to use with colour solids. Design, layout, cutouts, animation and overall creation of the title sequence, keeping with branding established in season one. Textures and city silhouettes were provided.

00:43 – 00:46 | Save Our Shelter – Lower Titles: Designed and animated, keeping with brand.

00:46 – 00:50 | Save Our Shelter – Full Screen Titles: Swinging sign concept and animation, green screen keying of animals. Designed look based off of similar titles in season one.

00:50 – 00:53 | Save Our Shelter – PSA: Green screen keying of characters, placement of background as well as design/animation of titles.

00:53 – 00:58 | Papa’s Delicate Condition – CD Design: Designed sleeve and cd label. Animated for show reel.

00:58 – 01:01 | Papa’s Delicate Condition – Promo Poster: Designed promo poster. Animated for show reel.

01:01 – 01:07 | HLP Showreel – Logo Reveal: I did not create the logo, however, the concept and look of the reveal were my design. Also the animation of the scrolling/flashing text and execution of the reveal were done by me.

01:07 – 01:08 | The Garage – Intro Title: I created the alpha mattes from a solid title card I was provided. I also did the movement and timing of the reveal.

01:08 – 01:13 | The Garage – Computer Screens: I created the look of the computer screens including the texturing, screen lines, design of the UI and various overlays. I created the fast forward, rewind and glitching effects in After Effects. I also did the compositing of the screens to the live action, motion tracking where required.

01:13 – 01:17 | Nafa Furs Video Catalogue – Colour & Title Design: I colour corrected the entire catalogue. Nafa logo provided, but designed and animated the title screen as well as individual catalogue segment titles.

01:17 – 01:25 | Sears “How To” – Graphic Design & Colour: Designed titles for 5-piece web series. Colour corrected as well.

01:17 – 01:29 | Niagara Tourism – Title Animation: Created new version based off of previous versions. Logos provided.

01:29 – 01:49 | Trailer Park Boys Abstract Art: This piece is an art project I have been working on. It is Sunnyvale using only basic shapes, circles, squares and triangles. I included it to show creativity and proficiency in Adobe Illustrator. The animation was just for fun as well.

Duration: 120

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