Music Festival

1. Went to for color choices.
2. Illustrator – Drew road, and sphere’s.
3. After Effects – Took road and spheres Illustrator file and created a floor with a gradient background and the Illustrator assets animating in it. The size was 2000×5000 pixels
4. Cinema 4D – Applied animated floor to a plane on the ground. Created “Music Festival” text with Motext. Added a single light and turned on the shadow effect. Pulled in Speakers from Cinema 4D’s library of assets. Animated text and speakers to bounce in. Created rainbows using a tube asset, and a 180 degree slice animation. Rendered animated .psd sequence to After Effects.
5. After Effects – Created gradient background using “Generate Ramp”.
6. Photoshop – Created a gradient-alpha City of Denver Skyline from photo off of Speer blvd.
7. Photoshop – Created gradient crowd from iStockPhoto vector art.
8. After Effects – Placed City and crowd on back layers behind imported Cinema 4D .psd sequence.
9. After Effects – Added animated Illustrator sequence as a color burn on top of all layers.
10. After Effects – Added solar flare.
11. After Effects – Added circular gradient color burn to all.
12. After Effects – Rendered .mov file with Animation codec to Final Cut Pro.
12. Final Cut Pro – Imported .mov fill from after effects.
13. Final Cut Pro – Placed it in my Demo Reel project placeholder.
14. Final Cut Pro – Did a final time-remapping to since animation with beat.

Duration: 3

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